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Penzance English Courses lesson

Jenny and David Dearlove have been teaching English as a foreign language for over 20 years and 30 years respectively. Jenny is now the senior teacher with a strong background in language, and although David has retired from active teaching, he is still the grammar expert … and he makes the best coffee at break time!

We enjoy helping students attain their goals, whether to pass an exam, improve their professional English or facilitate travelling.  Our students come with a wide variety of interests and varying levels of English;  we aim to make their lessons fun while improving their use and fluency of language.

 Of course we, and all our teachers, are university graduates with wide experience of teaching English at all levels.


Our Students

People study with us for many reasons, most obviously to promote their career, but also to help with exams, travel and communication.
We have helped people with diverse backgrounds at all stages of their lives:

  • Architects from Naples
  • Members of the European Parliament
  • Managers in sport, advertising, manufacturing and more
  • TV programme-makers and cameramen
  • Environmentalists
  • From the world of antiques - a furniture restorer and an auctioneer
  • From the world of medicine - doctors including a gait specialist and therapists
  • Teachers and students at school, university and post-graduate levels
  • Mechanical and chemical engineers
  • People working in logistics which covers transport, business, management, import/export, sensitive material handling and ...geography!
  • Writers, translators, musicians and artists
  • People with hands-on jobs such as specialist bakers
  • Lawyers, civils servants, secretaries and receptionists
  • Businessmen and women and those working in human resources
Our English lessons, dear Jenny, were very helpful for me in Paris where I was invited to speak at a UNESCO interdisciplinary symposium.
Constanze P, Germany


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