Learning with PEC

Learning One-to-one

The one-student-to-one-teacher system (or one-to-two for friends or family of the same level of English) has great advantages: you study what you need and work at your own pace. Progress is usually fast.

You can:

  • plan your lessons with your teacher if you wish
  • study General or Business English, or work towards an exam
  • bring your brochures from work for discussion and help with pronunciation

Each lesson may include: course work, grammar, listening comprehension and pronunciation, telephone work and role-play. If your English is at an advanced level we can use current articles from the press for analysis and discussion. We can also give you . . . homework!

Our Students

People study with us for many reasons, most obviously to promote their career, but also to help with exams, travel and communication.

The view from Sarah's garden

We have helped people with diverse backgrounds at all stages of their lives:

  • Architects from Naples
  • Members of the European Parliament
  • Managers in sport, advertising, manufacturing and more
  • TV programme-makers and cameramen
  • Environmentalists
  • From the world of antiques - a furniture restorer and an auctioneer
  • From the world of medicine - doctors including a gait specialist and therapists
  • Teachers and students at school, university and post-graduate levels
  • Mechanical and chemical engineers
  • People working in logistics which covers transport, business, management, import/export, sensitive material handling and ...geography!
  • Writers, translators, musicians and artists
  • People with hands-on jobs such as specialist bakers
  • Lawyers, civils servants, secretaries and receptionists
  • Businessmen and women and those working in human resources